code GM416
credit_hours 3
title Video Editing
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prequisites GM111
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes This course provides a solid technical foundation in video post-production for students. It concentrates on the issues of shot succession, timing, action, and sound/image relations as an aid to general postproduction skills and revisualization of computer animation. The course covers the essential elements of linear and non-linear systems, as well as general ecology of production and post-production in a rapidly changing field.
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objectives 1. Understand how to shoot, capture, edit, and output short video projects, organizing footage and modifying it into a coherent sequence.
2. Set up short video projects and shoot them using a variety of appropriate camera angles, shots, and framing.
3. Apply techniques for establishing or breaking continuity in a video sequence.
4. Develop a basic proficiency with the tools and techniques available in standard digital video editing programs.
arabic objectives
ref. books Roy Thompson, Christopher J. Bowen, Grammar of the Edit, Third Edition, Focal Press, 2013.
Gael Chandler, Film Editing: Great Cuts Every Filmmaker and Movie Lover Must Know, 2009.
Richard Harrington, Creating DSLR Video: From Snapshots to Great Shots, Peachpit Press, 2012.
arabic ref. books
textbook Ken Dancyger, The Technique of Film and Video Editing: History, Theory, and Practice,rnFocal Press, 6 th Edition, 2018.
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