code GM415
credit_hours 3
title Digital Audio & Video Fundamentals
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prequisites GM311
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes This course will cover the use of digital technologies for video and audio focused toward use in multimedia, hypermedia, and animation products. Students examine the methods for creating, sampling, and storing digital video and digital audio and the constraints placed on these media assets when used for media based products. Emphasis is placed upon the technology of digital video and audio including formats, data rates, compressors, and the advantages and disadvantages of the different technologies.
arabic Description/Outcomes
objectives 1. Describe the analog to digital and digital to analog conversion process.
2. Analyze how to extrapolate sources of audio errors depending on sampling rates, bit depth, compression schemes, etc.
3. Understand the relative merits of different data compression schemes for audio.
4. Discuss the relative merits of different audio transmission schemes in storage, internet, and broadcasting media.
5. Analyze the underlying processes in both analogue and digital video equipment.
6. Demonstrate and use technology for capturing, storing, editing, distributing and reproducing digital video.
7. Evaluate digital video processing techniques including computer graphics and effects.
8. Recognize the underlying principles of combining digital video and audio.
9. Apply principles of design and composition in a digital video project.
10. Understand the practice and the fundamental aesthetic issues of filming, video editing and video manipulation.
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ref. books Scott Schaefermeyer, Digital Video BASICS, Course Technology, Course Technology.
arabic ref. books
textbook Digital Video: A Technical Primer of Digital Video Techniques, McGraw-Hill.
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