code FIN221E
credit_hours 3
title Financial Management
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prequisites STA211E,ACC121E,MGT1
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes This course aims to provide the students with the fundamental concepts, principles andrnapproaches of corporate finance, enable the students to apply relevant principles andrnapproaches in solving problems of corporate finance and help the students improve theirrnoverall capacities.
arabic Description/Outcomes
objectives Apply basic quantitative skills to business problems.rnï‚· Develop the ability to read financial statements and use financial information, applyrnï‚· time value of money concepts and formulas, appropriately apply capital budgetingrnï‚· techniques, value securities, and make informed financial decisionsrnï‚· Understanding the interaction between financial management and other businessrndisciplines.
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ref. books
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textbook Stephen Ross, Randolph Westerfield, Bradford Jordan & Jorg Bley , (2012) Essentialsrnof Corporate Finance, , Middle East Edition, McGraw Hill
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course file 385_FIN221E_FIN221E Financial Management.pdf
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