code Ex402
credit_hours 3
title Cultural Affairs
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prequisites None
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes Developing student?s perception toward understanding the meaning of culture and phases and its relationship with the element of civilization so that the student understands at the end of the course different cultures and its relationship with business and economics
arabic Description/Outcomes
objectives This course aims to develop student skills in: Understanding the link between culture & civilization. Understanding countries habits and norms and perceiving the difference. The effect of culture over economic & business life. Studying contemporary global issues in which the student can know the quality of these issues and its relationship with specific historical roots.
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Course Content
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1 Defining the meaning of culture & its relationship with civilization development Understanding the concept of civilization How civilization create different cultural concepts The effect of values and habits in building civilization based on different thoughts
2 Arabian culture Arabian culture from the prospective of values, habits and social interaction The roots of Arabian culture and its phases on all decades Arabian cultures and religions Sorts of differences and the effect of religions on cultures
3 The effect of Arabian culture on European culture The entrance of Islam in western countries and its effect on literature & Science The effect of Islam on countries civilization through scientists and thinkers
4 Case studies Cultural differences and communication means in globalization The effect of progress in media in transmitting Cultures toward each others
5 Civilization of different cultures Japan and China two countries with different unique cultures The effect of collectivisms in Japanese economics and business life
6 The effect of culture on development of civilizations The effect of habits & norms on the progress of some civilizations Case studies ( America &east of Asia )
7 7th week exam
8 Cultural effects on all fields of life The effect of culture on economic life and business performance Tracing the effect of culture on all walks of life
9 Investing capital & how does it effect the level of individualism Case studies from Japan & US
10 New decades & its cultural elements Tracing cultural development in new decades through studying the change from the point of view of reality
11 The challenges meet Egypt as a country has civilization and special culture Challenges of business & its practicing with western & eastern countries. The effect of culture difference & the ability of facing these challenges
12 12th week exam
13 The Egyptian role in middle east The effect of the Egyptian culture in generic on the Arabic countries & neighborhood countries
14 Case studies Highlighting the thinking of business and its effect o the historical & cultural field
15 The Arabic identity The Arabic identity & effect of its creditability
16 Final exam