code EX413
credit_hours 3
title Negotiation skills
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prequisites W321
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes Negotiation it is aspire of successful livelihood business, the most ancient way to settle a dispute is negotiation, in which you sit down with your adversary and try to resolve your differences. Whether or not your case goes to trial, you will almost certainly find yourself negotiating some or all of the issues that are important to you.
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objectives First, they should acquire the conceptual skills necessary for becoming a sophisticated analyst of negotiation situations. Second, you should gain valuable experience from the negotiation exercises. They will experience many different roles, and they should learn a great deal about themselves from repeated exposure to negotiation situations. Third, Student should gain an understanding of the psychological processes underlying the judgment of negotiators, and should be able to use the psychological biases people have to produce better results for themselves.
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1 What is negotiation? Negotiation is the art of science of creating agreements between two or more parties
2 The Problem, DO NOT BARGAIN OVER POSITIONS In this course, we will discuss and apply theories developed as guides to improving negotiations
3 Developing and sharpen negotiating skills We will also develop and sharpen negotiating skills by participating in realistic negotiating simulations
4 The actions and tactics in negotiation. There will be a number of cases presented, in which you will make actual choices about actions and tactics within the negotiation ? choices with actual consequences.
5 Planning for successful negotiation The lectures will present relatively non-formal bargaining theory and guidelines, but will mainly be devoted to running, discussing, and debriefing the various role simulations.
6 Cases on BATNA Negotiation Case Study,
7 Cases of the contract and non-trial situations The four elements of Contract are:
8 Fairness and Negotiation and Power Positional Bargaining ever make sense. Different standard of fairness What is fair, should I be?
9 Dealing with people and Practical Questions Working team Team leader Successful team ( skills , efforts & management )