code EX403
credit_hours 3
title Contemporary managerial & economic issues
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prequisites None
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes This course introduces the students to the major economic and social problems that faces the society on the local and international level and helps them to analyze those problems.
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objectives The main purpose behind this course is to provide a critical perspective to many aspects and frontiers of current socio-economic issues. On the theoretical side, it integrates the tools of economic analysis and principals of T.Q.M more closely with governments? framework. On the empirical side, the most exciting feature, is bringing the widespread applications into sharp focus through seminars, video materials and visiting sites.
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Course Content
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1 The trade of growth: equity, stability and legal institutions. Microeconomic equilibrium Macroeconomic equilibrium
2 The trade of growth: equity, stability and legal institutions Definition of GNP GNP Gap Difference between inflation and recession Political equilibrium Social equilibrium
3 The position of the Egyptian economy among Arab and African countries The position of the Egyptian economy among Arab and African countries in terms of corruption, education, literacy, growth of GNP, growth of population
4 Business Ethics Definition of culture & norms & difference between them Determinants of culture Definition of values Social stratification
5 Stagnation of national culture Definition of national culture Is there a need for refinement, refashioning or renovation?
6 The extent of foreign investments on political economy Business merging Equilibrium in the long term
7 7th week exam
8 The middle-eastern community market and the positive impact of globalization The global retail market Advantages and disadvantages of globalization Globalization of markets Globalization of production FDI and international trade How can the middle-eastern community benefit from globalization
9 Managing crises by recent techniques What is meant by a crisis? Techniques used to manage crisis
10 The sense of national security Broad and narrow definitions of national security. Conditions necessary for having national security: Legislative power, executive power, justice sources of legislative power
11 Morals and social values Definition of morals and social values Anti-traditional criticism for future view
12 12th week exam
13 The inevitability of change, and the ideological drafting to what?s after novelty. What?s meant by novelty? Reasons for change
14 Ingenuity and secularism ? fundamentals and obstacles Fundamentals of ingenuity and secularism Obstacles facing secularism and ingenuity
15 Promoting environmental education, through sensation of fine arts and music How to promote environmental education? Through sensation of fine arts and music
16 final exam