code EI121
credit_hours 3
title Macro Economics
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prequisites I111
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes The goal of this course is to introduce students to macroeconomics concepts and macroeconomic models for analyzing data, as well as the role of the government and its policies with reference to the real world experience.
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objectives The real focus of macroeconomics is the study of unemployment, business cycles (fluctuations in the economy), growth and inflation. While the macroeconomic theories studies have changed considerably over the past 6o years, macroeconomics focus on those problems has remained. Thus, we’ll define macroeconomics as the study of the economy in the aggregate with specific focus on unemployment, inflation, business cycles and growth
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textbook Economics By: Michael Parkin
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Course Content
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1 Introduction to macroeconomics
2 Economic growth, business cycles, unemployment and inflation.
3 Economic growth, business cycles, unemployment and inflation (cont…)
4 Economic growth, business cycles, unemployment and inflation (cont)
5 The interrelationship of growth, inflation and unemployment
6 Economic growth, business cycles
7 7th week Exam
8 National income accountingrn-Calculating GDP (income and expenditure approach)rn-Limitations to national income accountingrn
9 Money, banking and financial sector.
10 Money banking and financial sector (cont)
11 The modern macroeconomic debate
12 12th Week Exam
13 The modern macroeconomic debate (cont
14 Monetary and fiscal policy on exchange rates and trade balance
15 General Revision.
16 Final Exam