code EE747
credit_hours 3
title Solid State Relays and Its Applications
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prequisites None
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes General review of static relays. Comparators and associated elements. Type of relays. Multi-input comparators circuit and associated relays. Non-conventional types of comparators. Computer applications to protective relaying. Microprocessor applications to protection. Reliability, testing and maintenance.
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objectives The student should be able to: Know new techniques in relay industries. Understand the types of static relays and its components. Apply the different types of digital relays.
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ref. books T.S.M. Rao, "Power System Protection: Static Relays with microprocessor Applications", Tata McGraw-Hill, New Delhi, 1989. P. M. Anderson, "Power System Protection", IEEE Computer Society Pr., N.Y., 1999. E.W. Kimbark, "Power System Stability, Vol. IV, Power Circuit Breakers and Protective Relays", IEEE Press, 1995. A.T. Jones and S.K. Salama, "Digital Protection for Power Systems", IEE, London, 1994.
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Course Content
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1 Static/digital vs electromechanical relays.
2 Relaying Practice and Fundamentals.
3 Main configuration of Static relay and its power supply circuit.
4 Components, detectors and applications.
5 Type of relays.
6 Multi-input comparators circuit and associated relays.
7 Non-conventional types of comparators.
8 Computer and Microprocessor applications to protective relaying system.
9 Mathematical background for digital protection.
10 Mathematical background for digital protection.
11 Mathematical background for digital protection.
12 Static and digital relay Application.
13 Integration of protection and control in substations.
14 Reliability, testing and maintenance.
15 Recent topics in digital protection.
16 Final Exam.