code EE745
credit_hours 3
title Power System Control and Stability
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prequisites None
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes Machine voltage control: Exciters. System voltage control. Modeling of interconnected systems. System dynamics. Stability concepts. Steady state and Transient stability. Multi-machine systems. Dynamic stability. Power system stabilizers. Static VAR systems. DC links. Phenomenon of synchronous resonance.
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objectives The student should be able to: Understand the excitation systems and their modeling. Understand the main concepts of stability – steady state – transient – dynamic. Understand the operation of VAR systems. Understand the DC links.
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ref. books O. L. Elgerd, "Electric Energy System and Theory", McGraw-Hill, N.Y. 1982. P. M. Anderson and A. A. Fouad, "Power System Control and Stability", IEEE Computer Society Publisher, 1994.
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Course Content
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1 Characteristics of modern power systems.
2 Introduction to power system stability problem.
3 Excitation systems.
4 Reactive power and voltage control.
5 Methods of voltage control.
6 Active power and frequency control.
7 Fundamental of automatic generation control.
8 Transient stability.
9 Small signal stability.
10 Small signal stability of single machine infinite bus system.
11 Power system stabilizer.
12 Voltage stability & basic concept.
13 Voltage collapse.
14 Voltage stability analysis.
15 Prevention of voltage collapse.
16 Final Exam.