code EE740
credit_hours 3
title Transients in Power Systems
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prequisites None
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes Nature and characteristics of switching and lightning over voltages. Abnormal transient phenomena: Re-strike, arcing faults, Current chopping, Ferro-resonance, etc. lightening phenomena in the atmosphere. Methods of computation of transients: frequency domain and time domain analysis techniques. Basis of EMTP and its application. Shielding. Surge protection devices. Insulation coordination. Transient measuring techniques.
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objectives The student should be able to: Know transient phenomena in power system. Understand the sources of transients in power systems. Design the methods for computing and analyzing transients. Understand Surge Protection devices and Insulation Coordination.
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ref. books A. Greenwood, "Electrical Transients in Power Systems", Wiley, N.Y., 1991. P.Chowdhuri, "Electromagnetic Transients in Power Systems", Research studies publisher, Taunton, 1996.
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1 Forced response of RL circuits short circuits and CB ratings.
2 RLC natural response switching of shunt capacitor banks.
3 Switching of shunt capacitor banks – secondary effects and problems.
4 Parameter considerations for capacitor bank switching simulations.
5 Abnormal switching transients.
6 Circuit breaker interruption issues for shunt capacitors, reactors.
7 Traveling waves and other transients on transmission lines.
8 Weather effects on line parameters, approximate line models.
9 Transposition of double circuit lines, frequency scans, reflection and refraction of traveling waves.
10 Steady state excitation, transformer behaviors, De-energization and residual flux.
11 Transformer modeling, duality transforms, magnetic materials.
12 Single pole tripping and reclosing.
13 Lightning:flashover , spark over.
14 Protection of systems and equipment against transient over voltages.
15 Measuring techniques and surge testing.
16 Final Exam.