code EE723
credit_hours 3
title Design and Analysis of Electric Machines
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prequisites None
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes Studying Electrical material: Soft Magnetic, conducting, Insulating and permanent magnet materials. Induction motor analysis and design. Synchronous motor analysis and design. Direct-current analysis and design. Testing for performance. Motor insulating systems. Motor control and motor protection. Economics of energy-efficient motors and systems. Environmental considerations. Reliability.
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objectives The student should be able to: Select and design the appropriate motor for the chosen load. Design each element in the motor including protection components Study the economic aspects in conjunction with performance optimization.
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ref. books E. Hamdi,’ Design of small electrical machines’, John Wiley Ltd, 1994. R. H. Engelmann and W. H.Middendorf, "Handbook of Electric Motors", M.Dekker Inc. N.Y., 1995. J. C. Andreas, "Energy-Efficient Electric Motors", M. Dekker Inc. N.Y., 1994. J. Hindmarsh, "Electrical Machines and their Applications", Pergamon Press, 1970.
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Course Content
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1 Introduction to Electric Machine Design.
2 Electrical Engineering Materials.
3 Heating, Cooling and Mechanical design considerations of Electric Machines.
4 Transformer Design: Single and Three Phase.
5 Transformer Design for special applications.
6 Induction Motor Design.
7 Field Excited Synchronous Generator.
8 Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors.
9 Design of Direct Current Machines.
10 Computer Aided Design of Electrical Machines.
11 Application of Finite Element Analysis methods in Electrical Machine Design.
12 Motor Selection.
13 Performance testing.
14 Motor Insulation Testing and Maintenance.
15 Trouble Shooting and Emergency Repair of Electrical Machine.
16 Final Exam.