code EE718
credit_hours 3
title Process Control
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prequisites None
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes Mathematical modeling of chemical processes. Dynamic elements in the control loop. Characteristic of real process. Nonlinear control elements. Control system instrumentation. Feedback controller tuning. Continuous cycling method. Process reaction curve method. Feed-forward and ratio control design and tuning. Direct digital control (DDC). Minimal prototype algorithm. Internal model control. Degrees of freedom for process control. Process control design considerations. Industrial case study.
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objectives The student should be able to: Apply modeling methods for different process and methods of tuning. Model the process control (chemical, electromechanical, etc), Tuning of controller. Design the process control.
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ref. books D.E. Seborg, T.F. Edgar and D.A. Mellichamp, “Process Dynamics and Control”, John Wiley, 2004. P.S. Buckley, “Techniques of Process Control”, Robert E. Kriegre Publishing Company, N.Y., 1979.
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Course Content
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1 Introduction.
2 Math. Modeling of chemical processes.
3 Math. Modeling of chemical processes.
4 Characteristic of real process.
5 Control system elements (linear and nonlinear).
6 Control system instrumentation.
7 Introduction to feedback controller tuning.
8 Different methods for feedback controller tuning.
9 Feed forward control design and tuning.
10 Control system design and tuning (feed forward, cascaded, feedback, and ratio controller).
11 Digital control design and tuning.
12 Digital control design and tuning.
13 Process control design consideration.
14 Industrial case study (chemical industries).
15 Industrial case study (chemical industries).
16 Final Exam.