code EE547
credit_hours 3
title Utilization of Electrical Energy
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prequisites EE441
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes Concepts and theories of mathematics and sciences, appropriate to the discipline. Quality assurance systems, codes of practice and standards, health and safety requirements and environmental issues.
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objectives This course provides a through coverage of the major utilization loads, other than drives. The course also covers one of the most important aspects of utilization: electrical safety.
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ref. books IES Lighting Hand book, “ Illumination Engineering Society”, New york. C.J.Erickson, “Hand book of elec. Heating for industry”, IEEE, 1994. IEEE “Recommended practice for emergency & Standby power systems”, USA, 1987.
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textbook Lecturer Notes.
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course file 45_EE547_EE 547.pdf
Course Content
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1 Terms used in illumination and laws of illumination.
2 Polar curves and photometry.
3 Design of illumination schemes.
4 Electric heating.
5 The arc furnaces and electric welding.
6 Comparison between AC and DC welding.
7 7th week exam + Ideal traction system.
8 Train movement and energy consumption.
9 Electric traction motors.
10 Control of traction motors.
11 Electrolytic processes.
12 12th week exam + Calculation of current required for depositing a metal.
13 Refrigeration.
14 Air conditioning conditioning.
15 Electric safety engineering.
16 Final Exam.