code EE546
credit_hours 3
title Electrical Engineering Materials
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prequisites EE442
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes Concepts and theories of mathematics and sciences, appropriate to the discipline. Characteristics of engineering materials related to the discipline.
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objectives Covering the aspects of electrical materials, which include their classification, properties and applications.
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ref. books H.Van Vlack, “A Textbook of Materials technology”, Addison-Wesley, USA, 1987. L. Solmar and D. Walsh, “Lectures on Electrical Properties of Matreials”, Clarendon Press, Oxford. Kuffel and W. Zaengle,” High Voltage Engineering”,, Pergammon Press, UK, 1994. C.S.Inulkar, “Electrical Engineering Materials”, S. Chand & Co., New Delhi.
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textbook Lecturer Notes.
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Course Content
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1 Electric materials classification.
2 Dielectrics Macroscopic & Microscopic approaches.
3 Types of polarization – frequency response – complex permitivity.
4 Dielectric losses and their measurements.
5 Dielectric Breakdown (1).
6 Dielectric Breakdown (2).
7 7th week exam + Dielectric Breakdown (3).
8 Applications of Dielectrics.
9 Magnetic materials: Macroscopic & Microscopic approaches.
10 Hysterisis – Magnetostriction –Applications.
11 Superconductivity and superconductors.
12 12th week exam + Polymers and their characteristics.
13 Ceramics and their characteristics.
14 Optical fibers and their properties.
15 Corrosion and cathodic protection of metals.
16 Final Exam.