code EE545
credit_hours 3
title High Voltage Engineering
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prequisites EE441
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes Concepts and theories of mathematics and sciences, appropriate to the discipline. Technical language and report writing. Contemporary engineering topics.
arabic Description/Outcomes
objectives To cover the high voltage aspects of electrical power engineering which include transient phenomena, high voltage testing and insulation coordination.
arabic objectives
ref. books J.Glover & M. Sarma , “Power System Analysis and Design”, PWC Publishers, Boston, 1993. Kuffel and W. Zaengle, “High Voltage Engineering”, Pergammon Press, U.K., 1994. B.Gungor, “Power Systems”, TBJ Publishers, New York, 1988. K.R.Padiyar, “HVDC Power Transmission Systems”, Wiley Eastern Limited, 1992.
arabic ref. books
textbook M.Khalif, " High Voltage Engineering ", Marcel Dekker Inc, New York, 1990.
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course file 45_EE545_EE 545.pdf
Course Content
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1 Generation of DC high voltage.
2 Generation of AC high voltage.
3 Generation of impulse voltage and currents.
4 Measurements of high voltages.
5 Sources of transient in power system.
6 Travelling waves.
7 7th week exam.
8 Lattice diagram.
9 Gaseous, liquid and solid Insulations study.
10 Surge arresters.
11 High voltage circuit breakers.
12 12th week exam.
13 Gas insulated switcher (GIS).
14 Insulation coordination.
15 Testing and HVDC studies.
16 Final Exam.