code EE543
credit_hours 3
title Electrical Power Distribution
arbic title
prequisites EE441
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes Principles of design including elements design, process and/or a system related to specific disciplines. Contemporary engineering topics. Design methods and tools for electrical power and machines equipment and systems. Basics of low voltage power systems. Design and analysis of power system generation, transmission and distribution.
arabic Description/Outcomes
objectives To and design the best configuration for a distribution system. To introduce to the students the different components of distribution substation. To investigate the performance of distribution system under different loading conditions. To explain to the students the effect of power factor improvement on the distribution system.
arabic objectives
ref. books L.Heinhold, “Power Cables and their Application”, 1990. To Langland T. Hurt , “Power Capacitors Hand Book”, 1984.
arabic ref. books
textbook W.Kersting, “Distribution System Modeling & Analysis”, 2002.
arabic textbook
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Course Content
content serial Description
1 Distribution system elements.
2 Distribution system configurations.
3 Distribution primaries.
4 Distribution secondaries.
5 Voltage profile and regulation.
6 O.H.T.L. and equipment.
7 7th week exam + Types of regulators.
8 Distribution substation design.
9 Service Area of distribution substation.
10 Distribution Substation load distributions.
11 Power factor corrections.
12 12th week exam + Methods of improving P.F.
13 Locating and sizing kVARs.
14 Motor control center (MCC).
15 Operation of distribution substation.
16 Final Exam.