code EE523
credit_hours 3
title Fundamentals of Renewable Energy
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prequisites EE424
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes Power for sustainable future - Geothermal energy - Geothermal energy - Biomass energy - Wave energy - Solar energy - Wind energy - Grid code - Reactive Power and renewable energy.
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Updated, Lab work of Wind Energy
arabic Description/Outcomes
objectives Differentiate between generation of electricity from fossil fuels and renewable resources. Identify the basic principles of electricity generation from wind energy systems and photovoltaic systems.Solve problems related to wind energy systems and PV systems.Identify other renewable energy systems such as wave energy, biomass and solar thermal.
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ref. books Aldo V. Da Rosa, "Fundamental of Renewable Energy Processes". Thomas Ackermann, "Wind Power in Power Systems". J.A. Duffie and W.A Beckman , "Solar Engineering of Thermal processes".
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textbook Leon Freris, David Infield, "Renewable Energy in Power Systems".
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