code EE522
credit_hours 3
title Electric Drives (2)
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prequisites EE424
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes Principles of design including elements design, process and/or a system related to specific disciplines. Contemporary engineering topics. Understand the principle and design of power electronic and drive system.
arabic Description/Outcomes
objectives To investigate the different aspects of electrical design. To study the dynamics of the electrical drive systems. To study the applications of the electrical drives.
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ref. books E.Hamdy, "Design of Small Electrical Machines", Wiley, 1994.
arabic ref. books
textbook Lecturer notes.
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Course Content
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1 DC and stationary field synchronous machines design.
2 Transformers Design.
3 Induction Motors Design.
4 D-Q model of DC machines.
5 Voltage control of DC machines based on D-Q model.
6 Speed control of DC motors based on D-Q model.
7 7th week exam + Choice of electrical generators suitable for load demand.
8 Choice of electrical motors suitable for load demand.
9 Type of friction and its effect on drive dynamics.
10 Type of inertia, based on design, and its effect on drive.
11 Temperature rise cooling in electrical machines.
12 12th week exam + Material ion suitable for electrical machines.
13 Load cycle and machine ratings according to it.
14 Traction load cycle and series DC motor as a match.
15 Drive control technique applied for traction.
16 Final Exam.