code EE517
credit_hours 3
title Optimal and Adaptive Control
arbic title
prequisites EE412
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes Concepts and theories of mathematics and sciences, appropriate to the discipline. Principles of design including elements design, process and/or a system related to specific disciplines. Contemporary engineering topics. Analysis, design and implementation of various methods of control using analogue and digital control systems. Formulate the problem, realizing the requirements and identifying the constraints.
arabic Description/Outcomes
objectives Providing knowledge about both optimal control systems and adaptive control systems.
arabic objectives
ref. books “Optimal Control, An introduction to Theory and its Application”, M.Athans and P.L.Falb, MacCraw-Hill, 1966.
arabic ref. books
textbook K.J.Astrom,B Wittenmark, “Adaptive Control”, Addison Wesley Pub.
arabic textbook
objective set
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Course Content
content serial Description
1 Review of modern control approach.
2 Calculus of Extrema (1).
3 Calculus of Extrema (2).
4 Calculus of Extrema (3).
5 Mathematical modeling.
6 Optimization techniques (1).
7 7th week exam + Optimization techniques (2).
8 Optimization techniques (3).
9 Optimization techniques (4).
10 Optimization techniques (5).
11 Optimization techniques (6).
12 12th week exam + Adaptive systems (1).
13 Adaptive systems (2).
14 Adaptive systems (3).
15 General Revision.
16 Final Exam.