code EE516
credit_hours 3
title Modern Control Systems
arbic title
prequisites EE412 OR EE419
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes Principles of design including elements design, process and/or a system related to specific disciplines. Contemporary engineering topics. Analysis, design and implementation of various methods of control using analogue and digital control systems.
arabic Description/Outcomes
objectives To extend state space analysis and design techniques. To get an appreciation of recent, advanced control approaches. To get a comfortable knowledge for the new techniques of design. To introduce some new methods for design of robust controllers.
arabic objectives
ref. books C.Phillips,Feedback Control Systems ,1997.
arabic ref. books
textbook K.Ogata,Modern Control Systems ,2003.
arabic textbook
objective set
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Course Content
content serial Description
1 State space analysis for L.S (1).
2 State space analysis for L.S (2).
3 Nonlinear state space equation.
4 Decomposition of linear systems (1).
5 Decomposition of linear systems (2).
6 Dead beat response.
7 7th week exam + Pole assignment by using state FB.
8 Pole assignment by using output FB.
9 Observer and state estimation.
10 Introduction to linear optimization (1).
11 Introduction to linear optimization (2).
12 12th week exam + Introduction to self tuning systems.
13 Introduction to self tuning systems.
14 System estimation (1).
15 System estimation (2).
16 Final Exam.