code ECO111E
credit_hours 3
title Microeconomics
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credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes The course aims to introduce students to the fundamental microeconomics issues such as therneconomic problem, demand, supply markets and other market forces. The aim will bernachieved by analyzing and understanding the economics starting by the demand and supplyrntill the consumers` behavior in terms of utility, and producers` behavior in terms of cost andrnmarkets in terms of revenues. Microeconomics studies market equilibrium, consumer theory,rnproduction theory, behavior of firms, competition, monopoly, and the role of government inrnthe economy. The course focuses on individual economic units-consumers and businessrnorganizations.
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objectives By the end of this course, Students will be able to:rnï‚· Better understand the operation of markets in allocation of scarce resources.rnï‚· Comprehend demand and supply forces.rnï‚· Understand Price elasticity, different economic problems and shifts in demandrnfactors.rnï‚· Determine the efficiency of various market outcomes through analytical tools,rnwhich examine the behavior of individual consumers and firms.rnï‚· Analyze a wide variety of economic issues and problems such as problemsrnrelated to poverty, unemployment, price and rent controls, exchange rates andrninternational trade.rn
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textbook Colander, D. (2008), "Economics," 7th edition, McGraw- Hill.rno Parkin, M. (2008), "Microeconomics," 8th edition, Prentice Hall- Pearson.rno Lipsey, R.G., Ragan, C., and Storer, P. (2008), "Microeconomics," 13th edition,rnLongman
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