code EC539
credit_hours 3
title Opto Electronics
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prequisites EC233
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes Optical radiation, Light emitting Diodes: Basic parameters of optical radiation, luminescence of semiconductors. Photo Detectors: Photoelectric effect, parameters and characteristics of photo detectors, current amplifying photo detectors. Coherent optoelectronics: Physical processes in lasers, laser structure, semiconductor laser types, laser modulators. Solar cells: P-N junction silicon solar cells, performance, thin film solar cells, encapsulation of solar cells. Fabrication of optoelectronic devices: Fabrication processes, LEDs, photo detectors, optocouplers, optical fibers, semiconductor lasers, and solar cells.
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objectives To be familiar with the theory and applications of optoelectronic devices
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ref. books J. Senior, Optical Fiber Communications: Principle and Practice, 2nd ed., Prrentice-Hall, 1992. J. Wilson and J.F.B. Hawkes, Optoelectronics: An Introduction, Prrentice-Hall, 1983.
arabic ref. books
textbook Endel Uiga, Optoelectronics, Prentice-Hall, 1995.
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Course Content
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1 Principle of optical radiation, reflection, refraction and absorption, optical properties of semiconductors, radiative transition and optical absorption, injection and radiative recombination.
2 LED(1): operation, parameters and characteristics, carrier injection and spontaneous emission, internal and external radiative efficiencies.
3 LED(2): performance, current characteristics, response time, advanced LEDs: Heterojunction LED, edge-emitting LED, surface emitting LED.
4 Stimulated versus spontaneous emission, laser operation: population inversion, carrier and optical confinement, optical feedback and laser oscillation
5 Threshold current density in laser, laser below and above the threshold, gain.
6 Materials and laser structures for superior performance, advanced laser diode (LD), homojunction, heterojunctions, distribution feedback (DFB) laser diode, surface emitting diode.
7 Laser modulator, holographic data system +7th Week Exam
8 Photo detector: operation, limitation, cutoff wavelength for absorption, responsively, quantum efficiency, response speed.
9 Photo detector: photo current and photo current gain in photo conductor, metal-semiconductor photo diode, heterojunction photodiode, photo resistor.
10 Unity gain and current amplifying photo diode.
11 Solar cell: operation, performance, conversion efficiency, series resistance, recombination current.
12 Advanced solar cell and encapsulation, heterojunction solar cell, Shotky barrier solar cell, metal-insulator solar cell, optical concentration.
13 Fabrication of planar semiconductor devices, bulk crystal growth, epitaxial crystal growth.
14 Lithography photo resist coating, mask generation and image transform, etching, wet chemical etching, epitaxial regrowth.
15 Fabrication of optoelectronic devices: LD, LED, photodiode, optical fibers ? Optical computer.
16 Final Examination