code EC536
credit_hours 3
title VLSI Fabrication & Testing
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prequisites EC432
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes Choice of technology, different fabrication processes of VLSI integrated circuits: crystal growth, thermal oxidation, chemical etching, diffusion and ion implantation, epitaxy and chemical-vapor deposition, metallization, and process integration. Testing techniques. Design for testability.
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objectives To familiarize students with the state of the art technology and processes of VLSI fabrication and testing of VLSI integrated circuits.
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ref. books M. Sze, ?VLSI Technology?, 2nd ed., McGraw-Hill, 1988.rnGhandi, ?VLSI Fabrication Principles?, 2nd ed., JW, 1993.
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textbook S. A. Campbell, ?The Science and Engineering of Microelectronic Fabrication.? 2nd. Ed. , Oxford University Press, 2001.
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1 Choice of Technology and Process Technologies BJT, CMOS, and BiCMOS integrated circuits, silicon technology vs. GaAs.
2 Material Properties Crystal structure, crystal axes and planes, orientation effects, crystal defects, point defects,Dislocations.
3 Phase Diagrams and Solid Solubility Unitary diagrams, binary diagrams, the lever rule, the phase rule, isomorphous diagrams, EUTECTIC diagrams, peritectic and other reactions. Solid solubility, ternary diagrams, Isothermal sections.
4 Crystal Growth Czochralski crystal growth, float zone technique.
5 Thermal Oxidation Oxide properties and applications, the Deal-Grove model, oxide growth rate.
6 Diffusion (1) The nature of diffusion, interstitial movement, substitutional movement, interstitial-substitutional. Movement, impurity behavior: silicon, the diffusion equation.
7 Diffusion (2) Diffusion Systems, diffusion systems for silicon, evaluation techniques for diffused layers.
8 Ion Implantation Ion Implantation: projected range, implantation damage, annealing, ion sources, mass separation, beam scanning, beam current measurements + 7th Week Exam
9 Etching and Cleaning Wet chemical etching, crystalline materials, application to silicon, anisotropic etches, Crystallographic etches, plasma etching.
10 Modern Lithographic Techniques Pattern generation and mask making, optical techniques, electron-beam techniques, printing and Engraving, optical printing, E-Beam printing, X-Ray printing, resists, mask defects, printing and engraving defects
11 Epitaxy and Chemical-Vapor Deposition (CVD) Epitaxy, chemical-vapor deposition (CVD).
12 Metallization Physical-vapor deposition, vacuum technology and vacuum systems, vacuum evaporation, Sputteringm + 12th Week Exam
13 Process Integration (CMOS and BJT) BJT process, CMOS process.
14 Test Program and Test Pattern, Test Flowchart, Plan and Strategy. - The need for testing, testing fundamentals, fault models, test generation flowchart, testing at different stages of system life, design stage, production stage, operation stage. Circuit Level Testing, Logic Level Testing, System Level Testing and Bulit-in-self-test (BIST). - Term paper presentation
15 Fault Diagnosis and Simulation, Testing Equipment. Test tape generation, use of Automatic Test Equipment (ATE), use of Built-in Test Equipment (BITE)
16 Final Examination