code EC524
credit_hours 3
title Optical Communications
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prequisites EC422
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes Selected topics in optical communications.
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objectives Theory of light propagation in optical fibers with different types. Overview of opto-electronic device requirements for communication systems, including light sources, optical amplifiers and light detectors. Adjustment of a complete optical communication system.
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ref. books Gerd Keiser, "Optical Fiber Communications". Joseph C. Palais, "Fiber Optic Communications".
arabic ref. books
textbook Jhon M. Senior, "Optical communication: principles and practical".
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Course Content
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1 Historical development: Historical background on communications, communication channels, light sources and detectors. General optical communication system. Advantages of optical fiber communications.
2 Optical Fiber Waveguide: Ray theory transmission, Fiber acceptance angle and numerical aperture. Fiber types: step index ? graded index ? single mode ? multimode.
3 Electromagnetic theory for optical propagation ? Normalized frequency of the optical fiber - Linearly polarized modes in optical fibers.
4 Transmission Characteristics in Optical Fibers: Polarization ? Attenuation: absorption, scattering, macrobending and microbending.
5 Transmission Characteristics in Optical Fibers: Dispersion: definition and types ? Bit rate calculation ? Material and Waveguide Dispersion.
6 Dispersion modified single-mode optical fibers - Intramodal dispersion ? Overall dispersion.
7 Fiber Fabrication ? Fiber Cable Design ? Fiber Connection: Couplers.
8 Fiber Connection: Fiber splicing ? Joint Loss: Fresnel reflection.
9 Optical Sources: Requirements of light sources - Concept of light emission ? spontaneous emission ? stimulated emission ? LED operation.
10 Laser: Operation and types - Injection laser diode ? Optical source limitations.
11 Analogy between mechanical and electrical circuits: Velocity of sound in air and water and metal, Analogy between acoustical and electrical circuits.
12 Acoustical resonators and filters: Acoustical resonator and filters, Transducer +12th Week Exam
13 Transducers and sensitivity of microphones and Loudspeakers: Sensitivity and types of mics, Efficiency and types of Loudspeakers, hi-fi multispeaker system.
14 Hi-fi system and underwater acoustics: Introduction to underwater acoustics, Velocity of sound in seawater, Sound transmission loss in seawater.
15 Velocity profile and SONAR: Thermocline and velocity profiles, Refraction of sound in seawater, SONAR.
16 Final Examination