code EC520
credit_hours 3
title Satellite Communications
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prequisites EC422
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes Orbits and Earth Coverage: Orbital parameters-circular and elliptical orbits-GEO,MEO,LEO. Link budget, atmospheric Losses- frequency bands. Satellite construction (payload, platform)- Radio system technology (Multiple Access Techniques. Antennas. Mobile satellite communication systems. Direct satellite broadcasting , VSAT)
arabic Description/Outcomes
objectives To describe different types of satellite orbits, to address the limitations and capabilities of the satellite communication system and to review different types of satellite communication systems.
arabic objectives
ref. books T.Pratt, C.W.Bostian, "Satellite Communications", John Wiely & Sons
arabic ref. books
textbook G.Maral,M.bousquet, "Satellite Communication systems", John Wiely &sons
arabic textbook
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Course Content
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1 Introduction to satellite communications (historical background, comparison between terrestrial and satellite links, advantages and limitations of satellite communication, types of satellite services.
2 Satellite Orbits (Orbital parameters, circular orbits, Kepler laws, elliptical orbits)
3 Satellite Orbits ?Cont.? (GEO orbits calculations, MEO and LEO orbits) ? Satellite Link (Link budget, atmospheric losses)
4 Satellite Link ?Cont.?(frequency bands, polarization effects)? Satellite Construction (platform)
5 Satellite Construction ( payload ?transponder?)
6 Satellite Construction ( payload ?Antennas?)
7 Radio System Technology (Multiple Access techniques ?FDMA, SCPC, Guard bands and crosstalk) +7th Week Exam
8 Radio System Technology (TDMA ?Frame structure, synchronization, frame design)
9 Radio System Technology (CDMA ?DS-CDMA ,FH-CDMA? )
10 Earth Stations
11 Satellite Communication (Fixed Satellite Services)
12 Satellite Communication (Mobile Satellite Communications ?INMARSAT, ICO ? )
13 Satellite Communication (VSAT)
14 Satellite Communication (Direct satellite broadcasting)
15 Satellite Communication (Direct satellite broadcasting)
16 Final Examination