code EC432
credit_hours 3
title Microelectronic Circuits
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prequisites EC333
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes Differential Amplifiers - Current Mirrors - Noise in Electronic Circuits - Operational Amplifiers - Phase Locked Loops - Switched Capacitor Circuits - IC Fabrication Steps.
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objectives The student should be familiar with the following topics: Integrated circuit technology. Linear Integrated circuits: Operational amplifiers and their applications. IC fabrication.rn
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ref. books R.Gray,R.G.Meyer, Analysis and Design of analog Integrated Circuits,2nd ed,1984. S.Francoc, Design with Operational amplifiers and analog Integrated Circuits, 1988. Savant, Roden, Wieserman, Electronic Design, 4th ed, Discovery Press, 2002. S.M.SZE, VLSI Technology, Mc Graw Hill int. 1988.
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textbook Behzad Razavi, “Design of Analog CMOS Integrated Circuits”, McGraw Hill, 2001.
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Course Content
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1 MOSFET Differential Amplifiers.
2 BJT Differential Amplifier Stage (Concepts).
3 MOSFET Current Sources.
4 BJT Current Sources.
5 MOSFET / BJT Current Mirror (Concepts).
6 Noise in Electronic Circuits.
7 Noise in Single-Stage Amplifier and Differential Pair.
8 Ideal Operational Amplifiers Characteristics and Applications.
9 Operational Amplifiers applications.
10 Non –Ideal Operational Amplifiers.
11 Phase Locked Loops .
12 Charge-Pump PLL – Switched Capacitor Circuits (Sampling).
13 Switched Capacitor Amplifiers.
14 MOSFET Circuits Fabrication Steps.
15 MOSFET Circuits Design Rules.
16 Final Examination