code EC416
credit_hours 3
title Electronic Measurements
arbic title
prequisites EC331
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes Amplitude, Time and frequency measurements. Errors, Waveform Generators (Sine, Square, triangular). Moving coil instrument, DC and AC measuring instruments. Bridges, Transducers. Strain gauges. Displacement transducers. Temperature measurement and photosensitive devices. Data acquisition system. Computer controlled measurements.
arabic Description/Outcomes
objectives Understanding the basic measuring techniques of quantities. Getting acquainted with the techniques of waveform generation, Transducers and automated measurements.
arabic objectives
ref. books Berlin, Experiment in electronic devices, 1984 by Bell & Howell company
arabic ref. books
textbook Cooper, Electronic instrumentation and measurement techniques, 1990 by Prentice-Hall,Inc.
arabic textbook
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Course Content
content serial Description
1 Amplitude, time and frequency measurements
2 Types of errors, calibration techniques
3 Time and frequency measurements
4 DC bridges
5 AC bridges
6 Transducers, displacement, strain, video cameras, microphones ? Part (1)
7 Transducers ? Part (2)
8 Temperature and diplacement sensors" temperature measurements devices, Thermistors, variable inductance transducer, variable capacitance transducer
9 Photovoltaic cells
10 ADC and DAC
11 Data acquisition systems components
12 Data acquisition systems cont
13 Digital Multimeters, frequency counters
14 Introduction to computer controlled measurements
15 Revision
16 Final Examination