code EC334
credit_hours 3
title Analog & Digital Circuit Analysis
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prequisites EE232 , EC233
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes Review of basic circuit theorems - Two-Port Networks - The transfer -Phase and Time rnResponses - Bode Plot - Phase and Group Delays - Computer-Aided Analysis Packages - Integrated Digital Logic Families, Definitions (Propagation Delay, Fan-in, Fan-out) - RTL, DTL, TTL Logic Families - Analysis of TTL gates - ECL Family and Examples - CMOS Digital Circuits and Logic Families Comparison.
arabic Description/Outcomes
objectives Synthesis of single and two-port networks. Analysis of networks and electronic circuits using standard packages. Analysis of different logic gates( RTL, DTL, TTL, CMOS).
arabic objectives
ref. books W.J. Hayt and J.E. Kemmerly, Engineering Circuit Analysis, McGraw Hill,1986. J.N. Nilsson and S.A. Riedel, Electric Circuits, Prentice Hall, 2004.
arabic ref. books
textbook DeMassa, Ciccone “Digital Integrated Circuits”, John Wiley, 2003.
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Course Content
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1 Course Overview, Review of basic circuit theorems (Thevenin`s, Norton, and Milliman), Maximum Power Transfer Principal, and Laplace Transform.
2 Two-Port Networks, The transfer , Poles and Zeros, Describing rnmatrices.
3 Frequency, Phase and Time Responses.
4 Bode Plot, Input and Output Impedance,Phase and Group Delays.
5 Computer-Aided Analysis Packages(Pspice, Microcap, EWB).
6 Integrated Digital Logic Families,Definitions (Propagation Delay, Fan-in, Fan-out).
7 Diode Switching, Transistor Switching.
8 RTL, DTL, TTL Logic Families.
9 Analysis of TTL gates.
10 ECL Family and Examples.
11 CMOS Digital Circuits and Logic Families Comparison.
12 CMOS Inverter – Static Characteristics.
13 CMOS Inverter – Dynamic Characteristics.
14 CMOS Realization of Boolean Expressions (Compound Gates).rn
15 CMOS VLSI Realization Aspects in Combinational Circuits.
16 Final Examination