code EC333
credit_hours 3
title Electronic Amplifiers
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prequisites EC332
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes Revision on Single Stage BJT Amplifiers - Cascode - MOSFET Common Source, Source Follower rnand Common Gate Amplifier – MOSFET Cascode and Folded Cascode Amplifier - Frequency Response of MOSFET Circuits - Feedback Amplifiers - Feedback Topologies - Stability - Ring Oscillator and LC Oscillators - Voltage Controlled Oscillators -Power Amplifier - Tuned Amplifiers.
arabic Description/Outcomes
objectives Analysis and design of all types of electronic amplifiers and oscillators.Introducing the concept of the feedback in amplifiers.Verifying measured amplifier response through computer simulation and laboratory experiment.
arabic objectives
ref. books Electronic circuits design, Roden , Carpenter and Wieserman, Discovery Press, Fourth Edition, 2002.
arabic ref. books
textbook Paul Gray, Paul Hurst, Stephen Lewis, and Robert Meyer, “Analysis and Design of Analog Integrated Circuits”, John Wiley, Fourth Edition, 2001. Electronics Lab Manual, H.Ali, AAST. rn
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Course Content
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1 Revision on Single Stage BJT Amplifiers.
2 MOSFET Amplifier Configurations(Common Source Amplifier) – IC Environment.
3 MOSFET Amplifier Configurations(Common Drain and Gate Amplifier).
4 Cascode and Folded Cascode Amplifier.
5 Frequency Response of MOSFET Circuits.
6 Frequency Response of BJT Circuits.
7 Feedback Amplifiers, Types, Effects .
8 Analysis of Feedback Amplifiers Topologies.rn
9 Stability of Feedback amplifiers, Nyquest Criterion Frequency Compensation.
10 Oscillators (Ring Oscillator and LC Oscillators).
11 Oscillators (RC Oscillators and Voltage Controlled Oscillators).
12 Power Amplifier (Definitions, Classes of operation, Class A).rn
13 Power Amplifier (Push-Pull and Complementary Symmetry Class B/AB).
15 Revision.
16 Final Examination