code EC332
credit_hours 3
title Electronic Devices (2)
arbic title
prequisites EC233, EE232
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes Operation of BJT - DC Analysis - BJT Base Width Modulation - AC Analysis of BJT - Common Emitter, Collector, and Base Amplifiers - BJT as a Switch - Operation of JFET - DC and AC rnAnalysis - MOS-Structure - Operation of MOSFET - Depletion/Enhancement Mode MOSFETs - DC Analysis of MOSFET - Channel Length Modulation - Body Effect - MOSFET Capacitances - AC Analysis of MOSFET - Common Source, Drain, and Gate Amplifiers - MOSFETs Amplifiers using Active Loads - Schockley, Diac, SCR, Triac, UJT, and PUT Circuits.rn
arabic Description/Outcomes
objectives Studying theoretically and experimentally both transistor types:rnrnBJT Bipolar junction transistor.rnFET Field effect transistor.rnrnStudying theoretically the 4 layer devices (Thyristors).rn
arabic objectives
ref. books J.Singh, "Semiconductor Devices", 1994.rnJ.Millman, "Microelectronics", 1983.rnC.J.Savant, M.S.Rooden and G.L.Carpenter,Electronic Design, 1991.
arabic ref. books
textbook Sedra-Smith, Microelectronic Circuits, Oxford Pub., 5th ed, 2004.
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Course Content
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1 Operation of BJT.
2 Biasing Methods.
3 Biasing Methods Cont`d – BJT Base Width Modulation.
4 AC Equivalent Circuits of BJT .
5 Common Emitter, Collector, and Base Amplifiers.
6 BJT as a Switch .
7 Operation of JFET – DC and AC Analysis.
8 MOS-Structure, Operation of MOSFET.
9 Depletion/Enhancement Mode MOSFETs, DC Analysis of MOSFET.
10 Channel Length Modulation, Body Effect, and MOSFET Capacitances.
11 AC Equivalent Circuits of MOSFET.
12 Common Source, Drain, and Gate Amplifiers.
13 MOSFETs Amplifiers using Active Loads.
14 Schockley, Diac, SCR, Triac Circuits.
15 UJT and PUT Circuits.
16 Final Examination