code EC134
credit_hours 3
title Fundamentals of Electronics
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prequisites BA113
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes The course covers the basics of electronics by introducing the principles of semiconductors: p-n junction – diode current components – junction capacitance – junction diode as a circuit element – special p-n junctions – bipolar junction transistor and field effect transistor: structure, operation – I-V characteristics – large and small analysis – amplifiers – oscillators – integrated circuits: op-amps. Different basic electronic lab experiments are done by students.
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objectives 1. Introducing different electronic devices used in constructing modern electronic cir-cuits: diodes, bipolar junction transistor, field effect transistor and operational amplifiers.
2. Studying the performance with special em-phasis on some practical applications.
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ref. books • Stan Gibilisco, Teach Yourself Electricity and Electronics, McGraw Hill.
• Mc Comb and Earl Boysen Electronics for Dummies John Wiley, Inc, 2005.
• Paul Horowitz and Winfield Hill The Art of Electronics Second Edittion, Cambridge, 1989.
• Forrest M. Mims Getting Started in Electronics Master Publishing, INC, 2003.
• Boylestad, Nashelsky, Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory, 1991
arabic ref. books
textbook Floyd, “Electronics Fundamentals, Circuits, Devices and Applications".
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course file 4_EC134_EC134 - Fundamentals of Electronics.pdf
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