code EA426
credit_hours 3
title Public Relations
arbic title
prequisites EA327, EA612
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes This course exposes students to in depth knowledge of public relation, by understanding the roles, tools and importance of PR nowadays in the dynamic environment. Furthermore, students will learn how to deal with crisis and issue management, and how to affect the public opinion. After having a full picture of the PR’s duties students will learn how to communicate their publics and make a consumer research
arabic Description/Outcomes
objectives To discuss Public relations as an essential marketing and tool. Where students need to learn the effect of good public relations departments nowadays in the globalized market. This course has two main objectives providing students with a solid background in public relations theories and principles, and, to discuss and analyze public relations practices and contemporary cases.
arabic objectives
ref. books Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics, 11/ErnDennis L. Wilcox, San Jose State UniversityrnGlen T. Cameron, University of MissourirnBryan H. Reber, University of Georgiarn
arabic ref. books
textbook Practice of Public Relations, The, 12/ErnFraser P. Seitel, Chase Manhattan Bankrn
arabic textbook
objective set paragraphs
content set combined
Course Content
content serial Description
1 What is Public Relations?
2 Communication
3 Communication( Continued)
4 Crisis Management
5 Public opinion
6 Public opinion ( Continued)
7 7th week Exam
8 Research
9 Media Relations
10 Consumer Relations
11 Public Relations and Social Media
12 Project Presentations
13 Project Presentations
14 Public Relations Writing
15 Final Revision
16 Final Exam