code EA416
credit_hours 3
title Financial Markets and Institutions
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prequisites EA312,EI311
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes The course is designed to survey the field of financial markets and institutions. To identify the objectives, characteristics and differences between different types of financial markets and institutions. To understand the major risks that financial institutions face. The course will apply traditional finance concepts to financial markets and institutions
arabic Description/Outcomes
objectives The course is structured to cover: Financial Markets Definition and a General OverviewrnShort-term and long-term financing (money and capital markets) ,Regulatory framework rnFunctions ,Organization Institutions and services and financial instrumentsrn
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ref. books
arabic ref. books
textbook Financial Markets and Institutions. Frederic S. Mishkin ,Stanley G.Eakins 7th EditionrnDerivatives, An Introduction. Robert A. Strong, 2ndEditionrn
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Course Content
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1 Why study financial markets and Institutions?
2 Overview of the financial System
3 The Money Markets
4 The Money Markets (cont.)
5 Are financial markets efficient?
6 Why do financial Institutions exist
7 7th week exam
8 Why do financial crises occur and why are they so damaging to the economy
9 Financial Regulation
10 Insurance Companies and Pension Funds
11 Risk Management in financial Institutions
12 12th week Exam
13 Central Banks and the Conduct of Monetary Policy
14 Hedging with Financial Derivatives
15 Hedging with Financial Derivatives (cont.)
16 Final Exam