code EA212
credit_hours 3
title Organization Behavior
arbic title سلوك تنظيمى
prequisites EA121
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes This course examines the Internet as a tool for effective marketing. Students will learn how the Internet has impacted the marketing environment, consumers, and the elements of the marketing mix, and explore implications for a company’s marketing plan.
arabic Description/Outcomes
objectives -Describe the philosophy and theories of organizational behaviorrn-Explain the concept of perception inside work settingrn-Explain the learning theories on people behaviorrn-Describe the motivation theories and their impact on employees behaviorrn
arabic objectives
ref. books
arabic ref. books
textbook Behavior in organizations tenth edition Jerald Greenberg
arabic textbook rn
objective set bullets
content set combined
Course Content
content serial Description
1 Introduction to Organizations Behaviors
2 Introduction to Organizations Behaviors (continue)
3 Basic Features of perception
4 Theories of learning
5 Personality and O.B
6 Personality and O.B (continue)
7 7th week exam
8 Attitude
9 Technique for enhancing motivation
10 Technique for enhancing motivation (continue)
11 Teamwork
12 12th week exam
13 Communication
14 Leadership
15 Leadership (continue)
16 Final exam