code CS718
credit_hours 3
title Advanced Computer Graphics
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prequisites none
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes This course is based on current research in computer graphics and modeling. Topics include techniques for generating high quality images of massive geometric models in a short time, surface modeling, physically based modeling, surface visualization, visibility computation, levels of detail, texture based simplification, animation. The course will also survey recent rendering techniques in computer graphics.
arabic Description/Outcomes
objectives Upon completion of this course, the student should understand:
• Anti-aliasing .rn• Advanced modeling techniques(fractal, l-systems) .
• Volumetric visualization.
• Advanced rendering.
• Texturing, solid texturing.
• Procedural modeling.
• Advanced illumination (participating media, radiosity , multiple-scattering).
arabic objectives
ref. books • Real-Time Rendering by Tomas Moller, Eric Haines (June 15, 1999), A K Peters Ltd ISBN: 1568811012.
• Advanced Animation and Rendering Techniques : Theory and Practice by Alan H. Watt, Mark Watt (November 1992), Addison-Wesley Pub Co ISBN: 0201544121.
• Computer Graphics: Principles and Practice, 2nd Edition, Foley, van Dam, Feiner, Hughes, Addison Wesley, 1993.
• Texturing and Modeling: A Procedural Approach, Ebert, et. al., AP Professional, 1994.
• Alan Watt, 3D Computer Graphics , 3rd Ed., Addison-Wesley.
• ACM Siggraph Proceedings
• IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications
• IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics.
• Computer Vision, Graphics and Image Processing: Graphics Models and Image Processing.
• ACM Transactions on Graphics.
• ACM Computing Surveys.
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