code CS454
credit_hours 3
title Multimedia Acquisition and Communications
arbic title
prequisites CS244, CE231
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes This course introduces students to the necessary protocols for supporting multimedia communication through network such as the real time streaming protocol, real time control protocol and real time protocol. The students will be able to acquire and capture voice and video in real time and setting up their network for transmission. Different methods of source coding are also introduced.
arabic Description/Outcomes
objectives 1. Write Socket Programming.
2. Understand and simulate real time streaming protocol.
3. Understand real time protocol.
4. Write code to play multimedia files via networks.
5. Build JMF architecture.
arabic objectives
ref. books King N. Ngan, Chi W. Yap and Heng T. Tan, Video Coding for Wireless Communication Systems.
arabic ref. books
textbook Silva M., Multimedia Communications and Networking` 1st Edition, CRC Press.
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course file 530_CS454_CS454.pdf
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