code CS427
credit_hours 3
title Embedded Systems Programming
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prequisites CS143, CE243
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes This course introduces students to principles, methodologies, and procedures for embedded systems. The goal is to learn how to bring hardware (microprocessors, Arduino, Raspberry PI, sensors, displays, etc…) and software (programming language, operating system (windows 10, Linux, etc…)) together to specify, design, and implement system solutions to the production of whole and complete products.
arabic Description/Outcomes
objectives 1. Identify and appreciate the meaning of embedded systems applications.
2. Use Microcontroller software with high level programming to develop task oriented applications in real time.
3. Understand and use real time operating system s and tools for multi-tasking, inter-networking, memory limitations, hardware resource allocation, etc…
arabic objectives
ref. books 1. Jeremy Blum, Exploring Arduino: Tools and Techniques for Engineering Wizardry, Wiley.
2. Monk Simon, Programming the Raspberry Pi: Getting Started with Python, Second Edition, McGraw-Hill.
arabic ref. books
textbook Daniel W. Lewis, Fundamentals of Embedded Software with the ARM Cortex-M3, Pearson (2013).
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course file 530_CS427_CS427.pdf
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