code CS411
credit_hours 3
title Data Compression
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prequisites CS212,BA201
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes This course provides an overview of classical and modern techniques and algorithms of various types of data compression. It covers statistical and dictionary methods, lossless and lossy compression algorithms in text, image, audio, and video compression.
arabic Description/Outcomes
objectives 1. Realize the need for data compression.
2. Differentiate between lossless and lossy compression techniques.
3. Understand three statistical lossless compression encoding techniques (Run-length, Huffman, Adaptive Huffman, Arithmetic).
4. Understand two dictionary lossless compression encoding techniques (LZ77, LZW)
5. Understand the main idea behind JPEG standard for compression of still images.
6. Understand the main idea behind MPEG standard for compression of video and its relation to JPEG.
7. Implement some of the mentioned compression encoding techniques using Python or Matlab.
arabic objectives
ref. books Data Compression the Complete Reference, 4th ed. By David Salomon
arabic ref. books
textbook Introduction to Data Compression, 4th ed. By Khalid Sayood. 2012
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course file 4_CS411_CS411.pdf
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