code CS405
credit_hours 3
title System Modeling and Simulation
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prequisites BA203, CS243
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes The course gives the theoretic aspects of simulation, followed by its probabilistic and statistical underpinnings, including random number generation. It addresses simulation-related theory of input analysis, output analysis, verification and validation. It also describes and illustrates modeling of queuing systems using Markov chains. Different Industrial applications are modeled and simulated using simulation software.
arabic Description/Outcomes
objectives Upon completion of this course, students should be able to:
1. Understand the power and limitations of discrete event simulation.
2. Recognize alternative discrete event Simulation models.
3. Plan for and Design a simulation experiment.
4. Apply simulation models to alternative systems and problems.
5. Apply standard statistical techniques in analyzing the output data from a simulation experiments.
6. Use the modeling of queuing systems using Markov chains.
7. Evaluate performance of queuing systems.
arabic objectives
ref. books Barry L. Nelson, Stochastic Modeling: Analysis and Simulation, McGraw - Hill, 1995.
arabic ref. books
textbook Banks J. and Carson J. II, Discrete-Event System Simulation, 5th Edition, Pearson, 2009.rn
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