code CS301
credit_hours 3
title Numerical Methods
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prequisites BA304, CS143
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes This course provides an introduction to numerical methods and their applications to solve science and engineering problems. In addition, convergence and error analysis of numerical methods is covered. In addition, practical experience with implementing numerical methods and assessing resulting errors will be acquired through a number of programming assignments.
arabic Description/Outcomes
objectives 1. Understand numerical methods and errors of computers
2. Analyze errors and error propagation
3. Compute roots of equations of one variable
4. Solve a system of Linear equations
5. Apply numerical differentiation
6. Apply numerical integration,
7. Use interpolation
8. Use regression
arabic objectives
ref. books R. Burden, J. Faires, Numerical Analysis, Brooks/Cole Cengage Learning.
Earl E. Swarlzlander, Computer Arithmetic-vol 1, IEEE.
arabic ref. books
textbook Steven C. Chapra and Raymond P. Canale, Numerical Methods for Engineers with Software and Programming Applications, McGraw Hill.
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course file 530_CS301_BA301.pdf
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