code CR425
credit_hours 3
title New Trends in E-Business Applications
arbic title
prequisites CR315
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes This course is a real-world guide to the essential principles of knowledge management. It shows how KM and CRM technologies work, and how they impact the IT infrastructure. Also shows how to use team-building and goal-setting exercises to create excellent KM/CRM projects, and how to align e-business strategy and technology choices.
arabic Description/Outcomes
objectives The course focuses on new applications in E-business. It integrates with knowledge from other courses such as E-Business, Intelligent business computing, E-Logistics, and E-business strategy.
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ref. books
arabic ref. books
textbook -Essential Guide to Knowledge Management, The: E-Business and CRM Applications by Amrit Tiwana, ISBN: 0130320005, Prentice Hall PTR.
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objective set paragraphs
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Course Content
content serial Description
1 Understanding E-business, CRM and KM
2 Knowledge enabled CRM
3 Knowledge enabled CRM
4 Aligning strategy and technology choices
5 Aligning strategy and technology choices
6 Analyzing the business environment
7 7th Week Exam
8 Audit and Analysis
9 Audit and Analysis
10 Building an Implementation Team
11 Blueprinting the Technology Infrastructure
12 12th Week Exam
13 Results-Driven Development and Deployment
14 Leadership, Change Management, and Corporate Culture
15 Evaluation, Measurement, and Refinement
16 Final Exam