code CR418
credit_hours 3
title E-Logistics
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prequisites CR226-A221
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes Strategic supply chain management is a key competitive necessity in today’s business arena. This course explains what corporate decision-makers need to know to create value and competitive advantage from their supply chains. In this course students study the components of the entire supply chain. The course emphasis on collaboration and planning related to major al areas required to organize the flow of products from inception through delivery to satisfy final customer needs.
arabic Description/Outcomes
objectives This course provides students with concepts that connect their understanding of E-commerce strategy, E-commerce tools, and the supply chain as one of the major areas that has been developing in E-business.
arabic objectives
ref. books -Designing & Managing the Supply Chain by Simchi-Levi, McGraw-Hill.rn-Supply Chain Logistics Management by Bowersox, McGraw-Hill.rn-World Supply Chain Management by Burt, McGraw-Hill.rn-Operations Management for Competitive Advantage by Chase, McGraw-Hill.rn
arabic ref. books
textbook Supply Chain Management by Chopra, ISBN: #0131217453, Pearson Education.
arabic textbook
objective set paragraphs
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Course Content
content serial Description
1 understanding the supply chain
2 supply chain drivers and obstacles
3 designing the distribution network in the supply chain
4 demand forecasting in a supply chain
5 Aggregate planning in the supply chain
6 Managing economies of scale in the supply chain Cycle inventoryrn
7 7th Week Exam
8 sourcing decisions in a supply chain
9 coordination in the supply chain
10 coordination in the supply chain
11 information technology and the supply chain
12 12th Week Exam
13 information technology and the supply chain (Cont.)
14 E-business and the supply chain
15 E-business and the supply chain (Cont.)
16 Final Exam