code CR415
credit_hours 3
title Information Security
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prequisites CR226-S315-S327
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes In today’s open societies people share and transfer information 24*7 while doing do one of the very important factors to consider is information security. This course covers the following topics: computer security data integrity and privacy operational security organizational aspects and economics physical security identification and authentication electronic and electromagnetic tampering hardware security memory protection hardware realization of software s encryption cryptography transformation systems operating system security database security network security.
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objectives Information Security is a crucial component of every E-commerce enterprise. This course provides students with the necessary knowledge and skills to accomplish the task of securing the information stored on a web site or while it is transmitted. The course plays an important role in showing students how security, privacy, and trust concerns raised in the other courses can be handled. And hence adds an important block to their knowledge about E-commerce.
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ref. books
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textbook Information security principles and practices, Mark Merkow, Pearson ed
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Course Content
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1 Data integrity and privacy
2 Computer security/operational security
3 Organizational aspects and economics
4 Physical security, Identification and authentication
5 Electronic and electromagnetic tampering
6 Hardware security
7 7th Week Exam
8 Memory protection
9 Hardware realization of software s
10 Encryption & Cryptography
11 Operating system security
12 12th Week Exam
13 Database security
14 Network security
16 Final Exam