code CR413
credit_hours 3
title M-Commerce
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prequisites CR226-S327
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes This is an intermediary course that aims to introduce students to m-commerce as an extension to e-commerce based on the use of mobile devices and other related technologies. This course may support students in their graduation projects, E-logistics and internet finance by applying mobile banking system or mobile payments. Topics covered include: the technical aspects of m-commerce such as wireless networks (LAN, GPRS and WAP), mobile Security and privacy. This course also includes non-technical aspects such as mobile Payments, location based m-commerce and impact of m-commerce on some service industries (finance, shopping and advertising). This course is supported by two courses which are networks and communication and e-commerce technologies.
arabic Description/Outcomes
objectives This course provides a broad knowledge of mobile commerce applications and technologies. Also it provides multiple factors of adoption and usage of mobile commerce services that lead to computer solutions to e-commerce difficulties.
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ref. books Mobile Commerce ApplicationsrnNan Si Shi, University of south Australia, Australia, Published October 2004 by Idea Group Inc. Copyright 2004, ISBN 1-59140-182-8rn
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textbook Mobile Commerce ApplicationsrnNan Si Shi, University of south Australia, Australiarn
arabic textbook
objective set paragraphs
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Course Content
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1 Overview of M-commerce
2 Types of mobile devices
3 Major software components in m-commerce
4 Mobile Computing Services
5 Levels of Wireless Telecommunications Networks
6 Mobile Financial Applications
7 7th Week Exam
8 Mobile Shopping and Advertising applications
9 Supply chain management applications of m-commerce
10 Location based mobile commerce
11 M-commerce and Security
12 12th Exam
13 The knowledge management in mobile computing context
14 Case Study
15 Revision
16 Final Exam