code CR226
credit_hours 3
title Introduction to E-Business
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prequisites ES211
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes This subject provides a detailed overview of the concepts and processes used in doing business electronically. This will include information exchange processes (EDI) and inter- and intra-organisational communications electronic exchange and business including EFT, smart cards and electronic money security issues and networks internets, intranets and extranets business models and e-commerce the internet customer and marketing economics and e-commerce taxation, business and exchange issues in e-commerce legal and ethical issues in e-commerce. Students will receive experience in using and adapting existing www and electronic commerce software in developing applications of e-commerce in real-world contexts.
arabic Description/Outcomes
objectives This course has two primary purposes: rn-Learn the terminology, technical architecture and business benefits of Electronic Commerce with an emphasis on the World Wide Web.rn-Explore emerging technologies in the dynamic world of the World Wide Web.rn-Plan, design, build and implement a business based Web Site. rn-Develop the technical documentation for requirements definition, al specifications, technical design and project planning of the Web Site. rn-Practice the use of Microsoft Frontpage.rn-Effectively use tools for establishing a presence on the Web.
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ref. books -E-Business and E-Commerce Management by Dave Chaffey Published by Pearson Inc. Publication date 19 Dec 2006)rn-Introduction to e-commerce by Jeffrey f. rayport, Bernard j. jaworski Published by MacGraw Hill , Publication date 2004rn
arabic ref. books
textbook -Electronic Commerce A Managerial Perspectivernby Efraim Turban, Jae Lee, David King, and H. Michael Chung rnElectronic Commerce: A Managerial Perspective, 1/ern-Efraim Turban, California State, Long Beach, Jae Kuy Lee , Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology David King , Comshare, Inc. Michael Chung , California State, Long Beach rn-Published October 2008 by Prentice Hall Business Publishing rnCopyright 2000, 512 pp.rnISBN 0-13-975285-4rn
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Course Content
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1 Foundation of Electronic Commerce.
2 Retailing in Electronic Commerce.
3 On-line Customer Service, Internet Shopping.
4 Internet Consumers.
5 Market Research for Electronic Commerce
6 Internet Consumers and Market Research. (Real World Case)
7 7th week Exam
8 Advertisement in Electronic Commerce, Web Advertisement.
9 Public B2B exchange and support servicesrnChemConnect case studyrn
10 B2B e-commerce, buying and selling in private market
11 An overview about e-governmonet, An overview about e-learning, An overview about M-commerce
12 Case Study
13 Electronic Payment Systems, Protocols and Security.
14 Electronic Credit Card, Debit Cards, and Electronic Fund Transfer
15 Case Study
16 Final Exam