code CE216
credit_hours 3
title Digital Logic Design
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prequisites CS111
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes This course aims to develop computer science skills in the design and analysis of digital logic circuits with applications to digital computing. It covers: Numbering systems, binary arithmetic and codes, logic gates, Boolean algebra and logic simplifications, Design and realization of combinational circuits, Functions of sequential logic circuits: Flip-Flops, analysis design and realization of counters.
arabic Description/Outcomes
objectives 1. Know the basic differences between analog and digital systems
2. Use binary numbers and codes.
3. Describe the operation of logic gates.
4. Apply Boolean algebra and K-map to simplify s.
5. Design combinational and sequential logic circuits.
arabic objectives
ref. books 1. M. Mano, Digital Design, Prentice Hall.
2. J. F. Wakerly, Digital Design Principles, Prentice Hall.
arabic ref. books
textbook Thomas L. Floyd, Digital Fundamentals, Prentice Hall.rn
arabic textbook
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course file 530_CE216_CE216.pdf
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