code CC759
credit_hours 3
title Advanced Robotics
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credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes This course provides a solid and broad understanding of the latest developments and issues in Robotics. Also, builds a theoretical and practical knowledge of control and design as well as covering the interface between real-world devices, autonomous processing and evaluation of acquired information. It Investigates user interaction and intelligent decision-making and immerse students in an innovation project inspired by the last developments in technology and society.
arabic Description/Outcomes
  • Get up-to-date with the latest developments in artificial intelligence, adaptive behaviour, information visualisation, neural computation and dynamic systems, as well as remote access and monitoring systems.
  • Ensuring a deeper theoretical and practical knowledge of interactive and intelligent robotics.
  • Expand skills including 3D prototyping systems.
  • Combining disciplines that are traditionally taught separately.
  • Gain the expertise and joined-up knowledge to design and develop fully integrated mechanical, electronic, control and computing system.
  • arabic objectives
    ref. books
    • Philip J.Mckerrow, “Introduction to Robotics”, Addison-Wesley, 2nd Edition, 1998
    • Robots – 2016 News and Articles – Robotic Technology – Live Science
    • Siciliano, Khatib, “Handbook of Robotics”, Springer, 2008
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    • • Serge, Bailey, “Recent Advances in Robotics and automation”, 2016.
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    Course Content
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    1 Topics in advanced Robotics
    2 Robotics Visual Perception and Autonomy
    3 Science and Technology of Human-Robot interaction
    4 Robotics and Control: Independent joint control, Multivariate control, Force control, The feedback linearization, Variable and adaptive control, Optimal control, Stochastic control
    5 Sensors and Actuators
    6 Rigid Motion and Homogeneous transformations
    7 The Denavit-Hartenberg representation
    8 Inverse and velocity kinematics
    9 Dynamics
    10 Advanced research topics