code CC757
credit_hours 3
title Modelling and Simulation
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credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes To emphasise the topics of fundamental importance concerning the broad field of rnmodelling and simulation to demonstrate the different stages included in conducting a rnsimulation study, suing the discrete event simulation model. rn
arabic Description/Outcomes
  • To highlight system models and corresponding simulation methodology.
  • To demonstrate the discrete event simulation model and its implementation.
  • To discuss random number generators, generating random distributions, selecting input distributions, output analysis and comparing alternative system configurations.
arabic objectives
ref. books
  • Averill M. Low and W. David Kelton, “Simulation Modeling and Analysis”, 1991
  • IEEE Modeling and Simulation Transactions
  • Barry L.Nelson, “Stochastic Modeling: Analysis and Simulation”, 1995
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Course Content
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1 Systems Models and Simulation
2 Discrete Event Simulation
3 Single Server System
4 M/M/1 Simulation
5 Stage of Conducting a Simulation Study
6 Random Number Generators
7 Generating Random Distribution
8 Selecting Input Probability Distribution
9 Data Analysis of Simulation Outputsrn
10 Building Valid and Credible Simulation Models