code CC713
credit_hours 3
title Software Engineering
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credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes This course introduces software engineering as a concept, software development and the development life cycle. It also introduces different topics of software engineering like software quality, re-usability, reliability, maintenance, security, testing, and software psychology. Also requirement analysis software tools and software design topics explained.
arabic Description/Outcomes
objectives To introduce students to the systematic approach to development, operation, maintenance and retirement of software engineering and its different topics.
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ref. books
  •  IAN Sommerville, “Software Engineering”, latest Edition, Addison Wesley.
  • Hans Van Villet, “Software Engineering: Principle and Practice”, J. Wiley, second edition, 2000.
  • IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering.
  • ACM publications.
  •  Roger, Pressman, Software Engineering: A Practitioner Approach, McGraw Hill, latest edition.
  • Randall W. Jensen, “Software Engineering”, Prentice Hall, 1979.
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