code CB533
credit_hours 3
title Environmental Control and Energy in Buildings
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prequisites CB431
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes Energy expenditure in construction stages - Comparison of building material on a production energy basis - Energy demands of a building - Renewable energy and Sustainable development - Thermal load of building spaces - Effect of building envelop - Energy conscious building design - Description of some methods of energy conservation & waste-energy recovery - Alternative building demands -Environmental safety & public health considerations.
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objectives The course objective is introducing the student to the means of energy conservation in buildings, the impact of climate and environment on buildings, and the impact of buildings on microclimate and environment, the different methods of passive heating and cooling. rn
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ref. books Building Control Systems by V. Bradshaw, Publisher: John Wiley, New York, Latest Edition.rnBuilding design & Construction Hand Book by MERRITT F.S., RICKETTS J.T. Publisher: McGraw Hill, Inc, New York, Latest Edition.
arabic ref. books
textbook Building Control Systems by Bradshaw V. Publisher: John Wiley, New York, Latest Edition.
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Course Content
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1 Week No.1: Sustainable development and renewable energy.
2 Week No.2: Sustainable development and renewable energy, continued.
3 Week No.3: Air quality standard and public health considerations.
4 Week No.4: Thermal dynamics of buildings.
5 Week No.5: Heating load calculations.
6 Week No.6: Cooling load calculations.
7 Week No.7: Cooling load calculations, Continued.
8 Week No.8: Principles of green building design.
9 Week No.9: Solar control.
10 Week No.10: Wind control.
11 Week No.11: Passive heating systems.
12 Week No.12: Passive heating systems, Continued.
13 Week No.13: Passive cooling systems.
14 Week No.14: Passive cooling systems, continued.
15 Week No.15: Economics for decision working.
16 Week No.16: Final Exam.